Many professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers already joined Personalico to improve their online influence and their audience

Personalico is your personal website

Personalico is the easy and effortless way to build your online personal website. Start today building your digital presence. With Personalico you have a standardized web page structure, rigorously studied for the best accessiblity, user experience and engagement

An awesome productive editor

With Personalico you've a simple and user friendly editor, which you can use to create, edit and update your personal website in any moment. Working on your personal website is now effortlessy !

A clean and minimal interface

The main idea behind Personalico is to create a unique user experience for you and who visits your Personalico website. User experience, security and reliability are the key values of Personalico.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Personalico?

Personalico is a simple, minimal and fast website builder, focused on personal branding and high usability. Personalico is not for everyone, but for most of the people who want to be online and have a great looking, easy to update personal website without having web coding knowledge.

Is it a blogging platform?

As explained before, Personalico, is not a blogging platform, at least for the moment. It's your next website builder

Can I use my custom domain?

At this moment, we're not yet ready to let you use your custom domain. The good news is that, custom domain support is our next big priority, so you'll be able to use your custom domain soon within your personalico website

What about SEO?

Personalico generates for you the website sitemap with your new pages, which is crawled daily by the mayor search engine spiders in order to keep your pages always accessible and indexed from the most populars search engines. We also take care of meta tags and opengraph optimisation.